CFS (ME) / Fibromyalgia Treatment

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Treatment Details

Initial Meeting:

One to one consultation lasting at least two hours.

A full and comprehensive case study of the individual is taken at the same time as effecting a very comprehensive Bioresonance Treatment involving ‘Interference Balancing’ and ‘Analysis & Balancing’ treatment. (NB: Although we have a 'Prescription Formula' that has proven to be successful with our patients all our treatments are tailored to the individuals requirements ensuring that all areas of imbalance that may be contributing to the conditions are analysed and corrected).

Second Session: (*Optional - depending if the CFS/FM is being caused by Parasites, Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, Moulds, Toxins etc; in the body)

A full comprehensive detox of the body's systems of all Parasites, Viruses, Bacteria, Toxins, Mycotoxins, Mycoplasma, Moulds, Fungi, Yeasts etc;

that may be preventing the body being balanced and causing the CFS/FM condition. The detox is very comprehensive, testing and detoxing for over 16,600 elements. Due to the comprehensive nature and the influence on the body's systems of this detox a full 'detox support' program is run before the detox to support the detox organs, the liver and kidneys and also the immune system. Additional detox work is also continued on a remote treatment basis to ensure full elimination of any adverse elements that may have been resident in the body's system.

A comprehensive ‘Food Intolerance’ and ‘Non-Food’ Intolerance test can also be done giving a full listing of the foods, or non-foods that may be influencing the energy levels and balance of the individual. The patient retains this listing for their own reference. This session is normally two hours in duration.

Its worth noting at this point that the Bioresonance technology employed not only identifies food and non-food items that may be causing problems for the individual but it ‘balances’ and increases the resistance to the intolerance. So if you inadvertently eat a particular food that may have caused you problems in the past then your tolerance level would have been increased and therefore reducing you sensitivity to that food.

Both EFT Therapy and Hypnotherapy are introduced at this point

* Some individuals have already isolated foods etc; that may be affecting their condition and they can opt to not have the Intolerance Session

Third through to the Sixth Session

These sessions are normally 1.5 to 2 hours in duration. The patient is treated with a ’Prescription Formula’ of Bioresonance Treatment that has proven to be very successful in balancing out the areas that are affected by CFS and FM, (see FAQ) at the same time removing toxins, bacteria, viruses etc; that may be preventing the bodies natural recovery and immune system levels. Analysis and Balancing of the entire body’s system is also administered ensuring strengthening of the body’s natural immune system and increase in energy at all levels

Removing viruses, bacteria and toxins takes place at all levels with the Bioresonance treatment cancelling out the electromagnetic charge of these substances.

The ‘Prescription formula' used by the Clinic is based on previous successful patient case studies where areas like the Hypothalamus, Thyroid, Pituitary and Adrenal glands, Endocrine system and Autonomic Nervous System etc; have proven to be out of balance when presented with the condition. There has been a school of thought of late regarding the operation of the amygdala with regard to CFS/FM. The amygdala is only one element of many, many elements that can cause CFS/FM. In my experience it is very naive to suggest that it may be just this one element that presents the condition, particularly when there can be so many other factors involved. The amygdala is included in the balance process as a matter of course to ensure as comprehensive a balance as possible to the individual's treatment.

Cramps, pains, the general ‘brain fog’ and sometimes light sensitivity are areas where the Bioresonance Treatment helps balance and so eventually alleviating and removing these conditions.

EFT and Hypnotherapy can also be utilised during these sessions. At the same time the e-pendant or e-pebble is also introduced enabling the ‘energy balancing’ treatment process to be continued whilst the patient is away from the therapy room

NB: For particular FM conditions that may have been brought on by trauma to the neck area, after an operation, after childbirth etc; there is a specific treatment program