CFS (ME) / Fibromyalgia Treatment

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Treatment & Prices

Payment for Treatment at the Clinic - Treatment Option 1

(Initial Two Hour Treatment Plus e-pendant purchase)

Payment for Treatment Option 2 - Remote or at the Clinic

(Includes for Three Hour Treatment Plus e-pendant purchase Plus a Further Months Remote Treatment)

Full Payment for Two and a Half Days Treatment - Treatment Option 3

(Includes for Two and a Half Days Treatment Plus e-pendant purchase Plus a Further Months Remote Treatment)

Deposit for Two and a Half Day Treatment Option 3

Treatment & Prices

Treatment Options

There are three treatment plan options available

Treatment Option 1

Treatment Option One ~ For people who can attend the clinic 

  • Six sessions - can be taken weekly or to suit

In the majority of cases we work on the principle of completing the therapy after 6 sessions, some cases may take a little longer, but in our experience the new advances of our therapy is shortening this period and many sufferers are pain free and full of energy before the sixth treatment.

Sessions normally take place every week, however, with the use of the e-pendant and e-pebble they can be arranged at variable intervals (i.e. every 2 to 3 weeks if required).

Prices: The treatment cost is charged at £70.00 per hour. This is paid at the end of each session by cash or cheque.

If the full course of six treatments are paid for up front there is a discount available

The first session needs to be at least two to three hours in duration and the subsequent sessions are normally an hour to an hour and a half.

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Treatment Option 2

Treatment Option Two ~ For individuals that cannot attend the clinic on a regular basis or cannot travel to the Clinic then there is now a remote/distance healing option. Available internationally . This is either for attendance at the Clinic for a three Hour Treatment Session or Treatment remotely - see link for details

New Remote Treatment Option

This is for 3 hours of treatment, includes the Bio e-pebble/e-pendant and the first full month's remote treatment

Treatment Option 3

Treatment Option Three ~ For particular sufferers where we have identified the specific condition relevant to this rapid comprehensive treatment

Over 2.5 consecutive days

This is for a total of 13 hours of treatment. The cost for this treatment plan attracts a very substantial discount from the normal fee rate; it also includes the cost of the Bio e-pebble/e-pendant and the first full month's remote treatment.

Prices:  The treatment fees are £795 for the 2.5 days

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Bio e-pebble/e-pendant cost

The Bio e-pebble/e-pendant cost is £20.00; this is a one off charge and can be retained by the patient for any future top-up treatments if required

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